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Welcome to Vejavi.......

I have started a pens and pencils collection. I am still making my first steps in this fascinating world of vintage pens and pencils.

To see my collection please follow the link

Webpage of my pens collection




Play Mstermind

We designed a numbers version of the old and well known MASTERMIND game.

If you have some free time why not give it a try?

Go to our Mastermind Game  




Photoshop Tutorial

Sketching in Photoshop

Many times we would like to draw an ink sketch of a view or an object. However, not all of us are talented enough to do that. Photoshop can do it for us, …and in a second.

Let' go to work:

  1. Open the photo in PS
  2. Duplicate the background layer and call it "Sketch".
  3. Image >Adjustament>Desaturate the "Sketch" layer
  4. Filter>Blur>Smart Blur (with a Quality "High" and  a Mode "Edge Only" setting)
  5. Image >Adjustament>Invert (chose the Radius and Threshold to suit your taste)
  6. Save your picture as a JPG.


Another Method would be to do the sketch with the Akvis' Sketch plug in.

You can go to the Sketching Gallery and see some samples of both methods applied to a color picture.

…and if you are not sure how to do it…just email me your color picture and I will do it for you, of course free of any charge.


Photoshop Tutorial

Watercolor from Photo

In this tutorial we are using a simple method to convert a color photo to a watercolor drawing using Photoshop.

After opening your photo in Photoshop do the following:


  1. Make a "Layer from Background".
  2. Make the colors of your picture more vivid by applying Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation with Saturation = 50.
  3. Apply Filter>Artistic>Dry Brush with a setting of Brush Size =2,
    Brush Detail =8, Texture =1.
  4. Apply Filter>Blur>Smart Blur Quality = High, Mode =Normal
  5. Save your picture as a JPG.

You can also use the "Palette Knife" filter in step 3 instead of the "Dry Brush".

Samples of pictures using the above method are shown in the Watercolor Gallery.