Vejavi Photography and Video

About Us

Welcome to Vejavi!....

In this website we try to share and enjoy the excitement of visual adventures. 

Namely Photography and Video.

We share some nice pictures and videos and we discuss subjects related to these technical visual arts. All is done within an amateur framework, because we are mere fans of the subject.

Our primary interest is for pictures and videos related to travel and sightseeing. However, this does not discard any other themes.

Living in Israel, most of the time the work presented is based on the local scenery.

Movies are part of our interest as well, and from time to time we like to comment on a movie we watched.

You have pictures that you would like to share? Send them to us, with or without captions, and we will put them on this site giving you all the credit.

Feel free to contact us and make your comments so we can share our mutual interest in this fascinating field of visual fun.